• Albert “Buzz” Stoetzel’  ‘34


                Buzz Stoetzel was a lifelong Lyons resident and pillar of the community. He is renowned for his tireless support and championing of the community. He was known throughout the county for his weekly article that included photographs and stories of the history of Lyons and its people.  Buzz Stoetzel’s Scrapbook ran for twenty years in the Wayne County Star.

                Buzz actually got started in the newspaper business after graduating from Lyons Union School. Buzz worked for Joe “Scoop” Berdel at the former Lyons Republican from 1934-36.  He then worked nearly 40 years for the railroad prior to his start at the Star in 1980.  The Wayne County Museum has displayed a great collection of his research and photographs.  His articles have contributed to some biographies for the dinner program for the Lyons Athletic Hall of Fame.

                Known as “Mr. Baseball of Lyons” to many people, he coached in many local leagues and spent several years as manager of the Little League’s Red Sox.  He never tired of attending Lyons High School athletic events and was recognized in 1982 as “Lyons #1 Fan”.

                Mr. Stoetzel passed away in July of last year and is survived by his two sons, Robert and Jim, and his four grandchildren.