• Anthony “Gus” Williams

    Class of 1933


    Gus Williams was an outstanding athlete at Lyons. He played varsity soccer, basketball, football, and baseball, and was voted captain or co-captain of many of the varsity teams for which he played.

     In 1929 Gus played on the last men’s soccer team at Lyons High School. The team ended their season by winning the league championship.  On September 26th, 1930, Lyons returned to playing     football after approximately a twelve year absence. In this game against Weedsport, Gus caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Robert Chapel. This was the first and only touchdown of the game. The team won 7-0 and went on to win every game that season,    becoming undefeated league champions.

    In a recent conversation with Gus, he recalled that his family owned a grocery store and that he attributed his good physical condition in high school to the fact that he would help out wherever he was needed. “Those were the depression years,” he stated, “and I was the delivery boy, by bicycle, pushcart, or on foot. I was on the go all over town.”

    When Gus ended his high school career, he had earned twelve varsity letters. Gus is ninety five years old and still enjoys fairly good health. He is a resident of the Wayne County Nursing Home and has looked forward to attending the Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet.