Sgt. Michael Cassavino was born April 24th, 1915, the fourth of seven children born to Carmine and PhilomenaCassavino. Mike was killed on September 15, 1943, during landing operations at Salerno, Italy. He was the first Lyons man killed in WWII. The American Legion in Lyons, Collins-Cassavino Post 227, is named after Bert Collins, first Lyons man killed in WWI and Michael Cassavino

    Mike was an outstanding athlete at Lyons High School and later in amateur and semi-pro baseball as player and manager. Principal Archie Bowler stated, ''We in school admired him as a student as well as an athlete." Coach Elbert Atwood commented, "Mike had a great fighting heart, but he was a square shooter." Mike played guard on Coach Atwood's 1931, 1932, and 1933 football teams. The 1932 and 1933 teams were Wayne County Champions. Coach Atwood stated, "Those teams are what any coach would have been glad to call a coach's dream."
    Mike also played basketball and in 1932 and 1933 and was the captain for the St. Michael Ramblers.

    In 1932,1933, and 1934, Mike played on three Wayne County championship baseball teams. Perhaps no high school ball player hit harder than Mike Cassavino. "Mike's batting average throughout his high school career was exactly .440, and many of his hits were home runs or at least extra base hits," said Coach Atwood. On the baseball field, Mike was a versatile player, being a splendid catcher, a great thrower, a good infielder, and a very fine outfielder.

    Mike was a member of the St. Michael's baseball team which won the championship of the Lyons
    Republican League in 1934 and 1937, and he managed and caught for the Lyons team which won the championship of the Powers and Vail League in 1939 and 1940. He played baseball for area teams until his Army enlistment in 1942.

    Besides his widow, Rose Williams, and his parents, Mike had four brothers: Anthony, Thomas, Rocco, and John; and two sisters Jennie and Josephine.

    High School Experience:
    Basketball : Forward, Guard; Captain 1932,1933
    Football : Guard 1931, 1932,1933; Wayne County Champs 1932,1933
    Baseball : Catcher, Outfielder 1932,1933, 1934; Wayne County Champs all three years

    Coaching Credentials:
    Baseball Manager from 1934 thru 1941
    Amateur & Semi-Pro Championships 1934, 1937,1939,1940