• Welcome to Band!

    Your child wants to play an instrument- now what?  

    Who can play in band?  Any current 4th grader can join band this year.  5th graders who have not played an instrument before can also join band.  You do not need any previous musical experience!

    Choosing an instrument-  Students should select their top 3 instruments they would like to play.  I will do my best to give everyone their first choice, but in order to have a balanced band, we can't have 25 trumpets and 2 flutes.  

    How do I get an instrument?  The best option is to rent an instrument from Mobile Music.  When you rent, the payments you make go toward owning the instrument in the future.  Buying an instrument off the internet is usually a bad idea.  The cheaper the instrument, the easier it is to break, and difficult to fix.  The school owns a few instruments that are available to borrow, but we do not have enough for everyone.

    Playing an instrument- Students will learn how to put their instrument together, how to hold it properly, the correct way to make a sound, and how to read music.  In order to improve, each student must practice at home.  Family members at home can best support their new musician by encouraging them to practice as much as possible.   

    Lessons- Students will have a small group 30-minute lesson once a week.  The lesson day will remain the same each week, but the time will change so they don't miss the same part of their classes each week.  This will be with students who play the same instrument.

    Large Group Rehearsals- Later in the year, all the beginners will meet together for a large group rehearsal.  We will work on playing together as a group, and songs that will be performed at a concert.

    How do I sign my student up? Please fill out the form below with your student before December break.  There will be a zoom meeting in January 2021 with more information, along with Mobile Music so they can answer your questions about renting an instrument.

    Beginning Band Instrument Choices