Supply List

    • 3 boxes of tissues for use in the classroom
    • School Bag or Book bag
    • 2 spiral notebooks- one RED and one BLUE- a two subject would work best
    • 2 pocket folders in the following colors: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN and 2 of your choice, these can be laminated ones.  The yellow and green folders will need to have prongs if possible
    • 2 composition notebooks- these are the marble kind.  Two different ones would be best
    • 3 packages of loose leaf paper
    • 2 packages of pencils to share
    • 2 highlighters any color
    • 1 package of colored pencils or crayons
    • 1 package of erasers
    • 2 skinny Expo white board markers- any color
    • OPTIONAL STUFF: books covers- not the sticky ones, a small cloth pencil case.
    • 1 inch 3 ring binder
    Trapper Keepers and pencil boxes won't fit into your desk, so please leave them at home!