Ms. Migliore's site - Delphi Counselor

  • My name is Tracy Migliore and I would like to introduce myself as the Delphi Prevention Counselor with the Lyons CSD. I am a Certified School Counselor and a Nationally Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I have been in the Lyons CSD for 8 years and am very excited to be working with all of you!  I would like to take this opportunity to highlight what the program entails, what services I am providing, and how I may continue to serve the needs of staff, families, and students.

    The school based counseling program addresses a number of protective factors by teaching skills, information dissemination, education, positive alternatives and early intervention. Counselors are able to have direct contact and involve students who may be "at risk" for substance abuse within the context of the school environment. In doing so, Delphi counselors can involve students in the counseling process who might not otherwise have access to preventative services.


    We are able to provide assessments, individual counseling services, group counseling, evidence-based programs, and referrals.

    The following services are also available: professional training, staff development, parent and student educational assemblies, consultation services and more.

    The Prevention Staff at Delphi are Trauma Informed, trained in working with trauma and adverse childhood experiences. 
    The focus of our service delivery is sensitive to these experiences and the impact it has. 

    Our approach focuses on what has happened... not... what is wrong.

     If you would like a meeting, please feel free to contact me at any time! I am primarily located across from the High School main office in Room 116. I can also be reached at Extension 2216 and by e-mail at, or