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Libarid “Libo” Alexanian steps into new role for Lyons as Community Schools Principal

Mr. Alexanian has hundreds of photos of students in his office. The pictures are crowded on a massive bulletin board, some faded from the years of sunlight. 


Even though there’s countless photos, some decades old, Mr. Alexanian remembers all of them: This student is a police officer, he says as he points to a decade-old senior portrait. This one is a teacher now, this one is a lawyer in North Carolina, this one is in the military, this one has a son who is now a student in the district. The list is endless. 


“I am super proud of all of them,” Mr. Alexanian said. “It has been such a joy to work in this district and see my students grow up and flourish as adults.”


Mr. Alexanian has worked with the Lyons Central School District since 2000, first as a French teacher and then as assistant principal for the Middle/High School. In 2016, he became the Middle/High School principal. 


On December 6, Mr. A stepped into yet another role at Lyons — Community Schools Principal. 


This new position will allow Mr. Alexanian to continue his work supporting students in a new way, by streamlining district initiatives and grant work.


Part of the Community Schools Principal role will focus on managing various community programs — things like making sure Driver’s Education is offered at the district, ensuring SAT testing occurs at the school so students don’t have to travel outside of the district, and managing grants like My Brother’s Keeper and 21st Century Community Learning Centers — to ensure one person is overseeing all the district’s offerings, rather than many people at once. 


“Many of my classroom students are now parents, and I’ll be working with my students as well as their children who are now my students,” Mr. Alexanian said. “What I’m looking forward to is providing opportunities for both families and their students.”


Lyons Superintendent Dr. Matthew Barr said Mr. Alexanian’s deep roots in the community makes him the perfect person for this broad kind of role. 


“Libo’s greatest asset is that he knows our Lyons community and its students both inside and outside the school walls,” Dr. Barr said. “The creation of the position allows us to have ownership of the important pieces that our school provides outside of traditional education. Libo will be able to streamline all those initiatives in a way that will ultimately help our students have increased opportunities.”


Erin Long, Lyons Elementary School Principal Erin Long said she deeply admires Mr. Alexanian’s dedication to the school district. In the last seven years that they’ve worked together, Ms. Long said she has been inspired by his tireless work ethic and his contagious can-do attitude. 


“He is just the kindest person who just helps everybody whenever and however he can,” Ms. Long said. “It’s a dream job for him because he is so connected so invested in our community and our schools. This is a great opportunity for him and for our district.”


Dr. Carmen Gumina, a former teacher, principal and superintendent in the Webster Central School District, will succeed Mr. Alexanian as the principal of Lyons Middle/High School.


Mr. Alexanian said he is excited about the new position and the extended responsibilities that come with the role. 


“It’s an opportunity that the district provided me that I am super thankful for, and it just kind of links everything that I am passionate about,” Mr. Alexanian said. “I’m looking forward to working with all the entities in our community.”