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Steve Veeder, Transportation Administrator, Athletic Administrator and Director of Health and Physical Education, to retire from Lyons after 21 years of service

JUNE 30, 2022 — Twenty-one years ago, Steve Veeder joined the Lyons district in 2001 as the Middle/High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director.

Now, two decades later, he will retire this year as the holder of three demanding positions — Transportation Administrator, Athletic Administrator and Director of Health and Physical Education. 

Working as transportation director specifically has been a huge challenge, but also something he has really enjoyed managing on a daily basis. Figuring out logistics, travel routes and schedules is a massive undertaking, he said, but the bus garage staff make it all really enjoyable.

“It’s really a lovely environment to work in,” Mr. Veeder said. “It’s just rewarding when you go home every day knowing what you accomplished.”

Mr. Veeder is especially excited to see Zac Young step into the Athletic Director position. 

“Athletics, to me, has been very demanding. I know in Lyons, sports is one of the most important things in this district. A lot of our kids come to school specifically so they can participate in athletics,” Mr. Veeder said. “I think it’s time for some new blood. Mr. Young will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to this position, and the district will benefit from having him in that role.”

In the process of overseeing athletics, Mr. Veeder said he’s always tried to prioritize sportsmanship in the athletes and the spectators. 

“I’m not a well-liked person because at games, I don’t put up with poor sportsmanship,” Mr. Veeder said. “My standards are pretty high when it comes to that, and I’ve always wanted our Lyons athletes to hold themselves accountable.”

Mr. Veeder has two adult children who graduated from Lyons Central School District. He enjoyed getting to watch them play sports in the district and is proud of their accomplishments now as medical professionals: His son lives in Newark and works as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and his daughter is a Doctor of Pharmacy in the Albany area. 

In retirement, Mr. Veeder looks forward to taking the summer off and spending a lot of time golfing. 

“I will certainly miss coming here and I will miss the camaraderie,” he said. “It was a fun career.”