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Mrs. Erica Gansz joins Lyons Central School District as MS/HS Social Studies Teacher

NOVEMBER 22, 2022 — The Lyons Central School District is excited to welcome Mrs. Erica Gansz back to the MS/HS this year as a full-time Social Studies teacher in the MS/HS. Last year, Mrs. Gansz worked with the district as a long-term substitute in the English Department, and got to know many of the students and staff well during that time. 

Prior to teaching at Lyons, Mrs. Gansz taught Social Studies for 15 years at Geneva City School District. She earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in History and her Master’s Degree in Inclusive Adolescent Education from Nazareth College. 

Not only does Mrs. Gansz live in Lyons with her husband and three children, but she is also a Lyons graduate. As a member of the Class of 2001, Mrs. Gansz said it’s thrilling to be teaching at the same district where she went to school.

“I’m so excited for this. I played soccer here, I was class president, I did the musicals,” Mrs. Gansz said. “I had a great education here. There are so many successful people that have come out of Lyons, and many of them don’t come back. … I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m excited this school year is going to look the most normal it has in a long time.”

This year, Mrs. Gansz will be teaching several courses: Global I, Global I Honors and the Lyons Leadership Class, which is focused on leadership skills and service-oriented projects.

“I think there’s really awesome teachers here, and I finally think administration at all levels is in a position to work together to take the District in a direction that it’s needed to go in for a long time,” Mrs. Gansz said. “I think we’re on the cusp of really positive changes here, and I want to be a part of that.”