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Cub Call and Proud Paws: March 10, 2023

MARCH 15, 2023 – With the success of the first Cub and Proud Paws calls made on March 3rd, Lyons Elementary School administration decided to double the amount of calls going out each Friday. This meant that on Friday, March 10th, LES Interim Assistant Principal Mrs. Heather Randell placed calls home to four selected families to congratulate them on their students' ROAR achievements. The students recognized on Friday, March 10th were:

Cub Calls (Pre-K through 2nd)
  • Olyvia M.: Mrs. Sandore writes that "Olyvia is always the first person to help a friend in need."
  • Lucas R.: Mrs. Innes wrote in her nomination that "Lucas is always following directions, completes his work correctly and neatly, and is a great friend in the classroom."
Proud Paws Calls (3rd through 6th)
  • Ayden B.: Mrs. Saracino says, "Ayden is always concerned about doing his best school work and cares about other students' feelings."
  • Lily C.: Mrs. Fries nominated Lily, writing, "Lily is always so respectful and responsible. She is always willing to help anyone who needs it and is my 'right-hand' girl for anything I need help with."

Congratulations to all four of you on your excellent ROAR achievements!