General Transportation Forms

Filling out one of the Transportation Applications below allows the Transportation Department to know that your child needs bussing to your home or to an alternate location. Please complete the form for each student that will be riding a bus.

These forms should be used for the following situations:

  1. New students moving into the district at any point.

  2. Student needs have changed due to a move or change in sitter.

  3. In August, every student needing to ride a bus should fill out an application for the upcoming school year.

Elementary Transportation Application (used for students in UPK through 6th grade)

Middle/High School Transportation Application (used for students in 7th through 12th grade)

Headstart Transportation Application (used for students attending the Headstart program)

Please note:  Daily transportation changes cannot be accommodated. A note for a daily change to your transportation needs given to the bus driver, bus monitor, teacher, or any other staff member as text messages, emails, and communication through social media or other outlets will NOT be accepted. Each time a change is made in the normal transportation routine, there is an increased risk of confusion, a student boarding the wrong bus, or being dropped off at the incorrect location. For the safety of your children, we ask this protocol be followed because your child’s safety is our top priority

Non-Public Transportation Requests

If your student needs transportation to St. Francis School, East Palmyra Christian School, Maranatha or other non-public schools you can use the form below. Download the PDF, fill it out and return it to the district for board approval. You may either:

  1. Mail it to Lyons Central School District, Attn: Superintendent’s Office, 10 Clyde Rd, Lyons, New York 14489, or

  2. Give it to your student's bus driver, or

  3. Drop it off to the District Office.

Non-Public School Transportation Request

The Non-Public School Transportation Request form is due to the Lyons District Office by April 1st.

Contact & Additional Resources

Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Lee Burnett, Transportation Supervisor at (315) 946-2250 or